Clauses of Result / Σύνδεσμοι αποτελέσματος

C L A U S E S  OF  R E S U L T / Σύνδεσμοι αποτελέσματος

  • SO ……. THAT

The first two buses were so full that I couldn’t get on.

  • SUCH ……. THAT
  • The school play was such a success that we decided to produce one every year.


Το SO χρησιμοποιείται για να τροποποιήσει ένα κατηγορηματικό επίθετο ή επίρημα ή το much και many.

Τα παραδείγματα που παραθέτω είναι ίσως πιο διαφωτιστικά από την θεωρία.


  • He was so tired that he fell asleep in the cinema.
  • The bus braked so sharply that many passengers fell down.
  • He had so much money that he didn’t know what to do with it.

Το SUCH χρησιμοποιείται για να τροποποιήσει ένα προσδιοριστικό επίθετο ή ουσιαστικό.


  • They spent such a pleasant afternoon in the museum that they decided to go again the following week.
  • The children were having such fun that they didn’t want the party to end.


μία δευτερεύουσα πρόταση αποτελέσματος πάντα ακολουθεί την κύρια πρόταση και ποτέ δεν χωρίζεται από κόμμα.


Rewrite the following compound sentences as Complex sentences, using the subordinating connections

so ………. that’, ‘such ………. that as appropriate to form Adverbial Clauses of Result:


Question. The case was very heavy, so she couldn’t carry it.

Answer. The case was so heavy that she couldn’t carry it.

Question. It was a very hot night, so nobody could sleep.

Answer. It was such a hot night that nobody could sleep.

Σημείωση. Σε μία σύνθετη πρόταση κάθε ρήμα πρέπει να έχει το υποκείμενό του ακόμα και όταν το υποκείμενό του είναι το ίδιο.


  • He was very late so took a taxi.
  • He was so late that he took a taxi.

1. The music was very loud, so we could not hear ourselves speak.

___The music was so loud that we couldn’t hear ourselves speak._____

2. She was behaving very strangely, so everybody stopped to watch her.

____She was behaving so strangely that everybody stopped to watch her._____

3. The artificial flowers were very well made, so we thought they were real.

_____The artificial flowers were so well made that we thought they were real.______

4. The polished floor was slippery, so he nearly fell over.

_____The polished floor was so slippery that he nearly fell over. ________

5. The rent was very high. I couldn’t afford to take the flat.

_____The rent was so high that I couldn’t afford to take the flat.______


Now convert the following pairs of simple sentences.

1. into compound sentences

2. into complex sentences

In some cases more than one possible logical connection may be possible.


Bert drank a whole glass of water. He was very thirsty.


  • Bert drank a whole glass of water, for he was very thirsty.
  • Bert was very thirsty, so he drank a whole glass of water.


  • Bert drank a whole glass of water, because he was thirsty.
  • Bert was so thirsty that he drank a whole glass of water.


1. The snow was very thick. The traffic came to a halt.

______The snow was so thick that the traffic came to a halt. _______

2. The schools were closed for the holidays. The parks were full of children.

____The schools were closed for the holidays, so the parks were full of children. ______

3. The manager locked the safe. He dropped the key in his pocket.

_____The manager locked the safe and dropped the key in his pocket.____

4. Pat was picking fruit. A wasp stung her.


5. The church was interesting. Paul took a photograph of it.



Answer the following questions using complex sentences:



How bad was the storm? (Ships not leave harbour)


The storm was so bad that ships were not allowed to leave the harbour.


Did the rain spoil your outing? (rain all day/enjoy)


Although it rained all day, we all enjoyed our outing.


1. Why did you agree to do the job? (pay very good)


2. When did you go to bed? (T.V. programme end)


3. When did Daphne cut her finger? (prepare sandwiches)


4. How clever was Brian? (come top of class)


5. How difficult an exam was it? (answer only half questions)




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