‘Used to’ and ‘Would’

...I Used to Rule the World

‘USED  TO’  and  ‘WOULD’

Θέλω εδώ να κάνω μια μικρή τομή στη χρήση της λέξης use.

1.  Μπορεί να είναι Ρήμα:

Μary uses two spoonfuls of sugar in her coffee.

Επομένως έχουμε: use – used – used (Ομαλό ρήμα)

2. Μπορεί να είναι Ουσιαστικό:

Tom does all his math problems with the use of a calculator.

Μικρή σημείωση:

  • Ως Ρήμα η λέξη use προφέρεται: yooz
  • Ως Ουσιαστικό η λέξη use προφέρεται: yoos

3. ‘Used to’ ή ‘use to’ και ‘Would’

Η κλασσική χρήση του used to και του would είναι:

Τα χρησιμοποιούμε για να αναφερθούμε σε γεγονότα και πράξεις που συνέβαιναν στο παρελθόν και τώρα έχουν σταματήσει. Μια άλλη παράμετρος στη χρήση αυτών των δύο λέξεων είναι: Για γενικές καταστάσεις χρησιμοποιούμε το used to. Για προσωπικές/ειδικές καταστάσεις το would.

  • We always drank a gin and tonic as the sun went down.
  • We would always drink a gin and tonic as the sun went down.
  • The Romans wrote on wax tablets.
  • The Roman used to write on wax tablets.

Περισσότερα παραδείγματα:

  • When I was young I used to play with my toys.
  • When I was young I would play with my toys.
(Δεν παίζω άλλο πια με τα παιχνίδια μου!!)
  • We used to go for long walks in the summer.
(Τώρα πια δεν πάμε για μακρινούς περιπάτους.)

Εάν θέλουμε να δώσουμε έμφαση σε επαναλαμβανόμενες πράξεις ή συνήθειες στο παρελθόν πρέπει να χρησιμοποιήσουμε το used to και όχι το would:

Μy dog used to sleep on the front door mat.

  • I used to smoke.
  • I used to be a nursing assistant.
  • I used to live in Bristol, England.

Ερωτηματικός τύπος:Ο ερωτηματικός τύπος είναι:

  • Did you use to play football when you were little?
  • Did you use to go out with Mary?
  • Did they use to drive away on weekends?
  • Didn’t we use to go to play for the same football club?
  • What make of car did you use to drive when when you were at university?

Αρνητικός τύπος:

I didn’t use to play with my toys.

Αν χρησιμοποιούσα το would στην άρνηση θα σήμαινε κάτι άλλο:

When I was young I wouldn’t dance in front of other people. (δεν είχα την διάθεση να χορέψω/ αρνιόμουνα)

  • be used to something
  • get used to something
  • become used to something

Το used to εδώ είναι επίθετο και χρησιμοποιείται για να δείξει ότι υπάρχει εξοικείωση με πράγματα ή καταστάσεις

  • After a while you get used to the city life.
  • He will become used to the noise from the passing cars.
  • I was used to the farm animals.
  • I’ll never get used to going to work so early in the morning. (προσοχή στο -ing)
  • It took John a long time until he was used to driving at night. (προσοχή στο -ing)


Re-write the following sentences first with ‘used to’ then, if possible, with ‘would’.

1. Whenever my father went off to sea, my mother cried for days.

_____would cry_____

2. During his annual speech to the parents, the headmaster always invited donations

to the School Building Fund.

_____would always invite_______

3. Mary wrote poetry at the University.

____used to write______

4. As children we always said our prayers before getting into bed.

____would always say_____

5. Whenever grandpa visited us he invariably complained that the young no longer

had any respect for the old.

____would invariably complain______

6. Mr. Brown drank heavily until his doctor forbade him.

_____used to drink________

7. We always drank a gin and tonic as the sun went down.

_____would always drink_______

8. The Romans wrote on wax tablets.

_____used to write______

9. Once a month Dick wrote home to his mother.

______would write____

10. Philip always counted the change carefully when he paid the bill at a restaurant.

_____used to count_____


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