Descriptive Vocabulary

Highly recommended for Advanced students

The following words and phrases may describe: character, personality, figure, appearance, look, air, build, outlook, aspect, size, features, presence, disposition, temperament.

    • a round bald patch  
    • a slight squint
    • bald-headed
    • blue-eyed
    • broad-shouldered
    • clear blue eyes 
    • curly-haired
    • eyes set wide apart
    • hooded grey eyes 
    • icy blue eyes   
    • in a bun on the nape of her neck 
    • long silky blond hair
    • mysterious dark eyes
    • pale short-sighted eyes  
    • parted in the middle  
    • short curly hair   
    • sparkling green eyes
    • thinning, silver grey hair
    • too close together in a square
    • waist-lenth
    • wavy, auburn hair  
    • with sandy hair receding at the temples
    • worn in plaits 

I was born on 19th May 1997. I love playing Water Polo. I like Eddie Murphy. My favourite food is pizza

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