A garden

Level: B2

A  garden

It is always a pleasure to walk or sit in a garden especially if  it is both a flower and vegetable garden. Looking after flowers and tending a vegetable patch can be very calming and the thought of looking at a beautiful flower or eating fruits and vegetables that you have grown yourself  is very rewarding.

Many elderly people find working in the garden relaxing and a very healthy pass time. The exercise keeps them fit and it can make them feel less lonely.

You can also keep pets in a garden. Some people have a rabbit, others have a tortoise or even a dog in a kennel. Of course pets must be looked after so it is especially good for children because they learn how to take care of a living thing. This includes cleaning and feeding which also teaches a child responsibility.

In the end, a garden is a wonderful thing. You can grow things in it, keep a pet in it or just sit and relax in it. All of which is a pleasure.

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Level: C2

A  garden

To stroll or just merely to sit in a garden, especially if it is both a flower and a vegetable garden, can be an absolute pleasure. Using your skills to grow flowers or tend a vegetable patch can also have a gratifying effect. Truly, when looking at a flower or consuming fruit or vegetables that you have grown with your own hands can leave you with a sense of pride.

Many elderly people who have found themselves with time on their hands find it very relaxing to potter about in the garden. It can also relieve loneliness to a certain extent and definitely keep them fitter. There is also a sense of worth when you can give family or friends a sample of your produce whether it be a single flower, a piece of fruit or a few vegetables.

Pets can also be kept in a garden. These can vary from a dog in a kennel to a rabbit, tortoise or even a friendly insect. Caring for a pet is especially good for a child’s development and in turn can teach selflessness and responsibility not to mention being company for a person of any age.

Looking at it as a whole, a garden can be a wonderous thing whether it be a place to grow things, keep a pet in or just to enjoy the tranquility of. A garden depicts happiness.


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