worth while or worthwhile…?

Question by ‘alas90’:   ‘πότε γράφουμε worth while και πότε worthwhile’;

My reply to ‘alas90’:   Συνήθως η λέξη υπάρχει ως worth while (δύο λέξεις).


  • Visiting the New Acropolis Museum was worth while. We thoroughly enjoyed it. (worth while: άξιζε το κόπο)
  • Although I had to get up early for work, watching Pulp Fiction last night was worth while.
  • I sometimes wonder whether my life has been worth while so far!

    English: View of the Parthenon hall at the Acr...

    English: View of the Parthenon hall at the Acropolis Museum… worthwhile visiting!

Πάμε τώρα στο worthwhile (σύνθετο επίθετο). Θα σου δώσω ένα άλλο παράδειγμα όπου το worth while θα έχει το ενωτικό σημείο μεταξύ των δύο λέξεων.

  • The climbers reached the top of Mount Olympus at midday. They had a wonderful view of the area. It was a worth-while effort. 
  • These are worth-while instructions to look at before you start charging your mobile phone.

Εδώ βέβαια υπάρχει και η φράση ‘to be worth’ (αξίζει…τον κόπο, τον μπελά, τα χρήματα) η οποία  έχει τη δυναμική ενός σύνθετου μεταβατικού ρήματος οπότε, φυσικά, χρειαζόμαστε ένα αντικείμενο.


My sister bought an old porcelain vase at the Sunday market. It is well worth the money.

It isn’t worth going to the cinema. There is nothing interesting on.

Περισσότερα παραδείγματα:

  • Which is more worthwhile, reading the book or watching its film version?
  • Is collecting mobile phones a worth -while hobby?

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