What .. a pain!

Question by ‘seagull’ :   ”Πως λέμε ‘ Έχω ένα φοβερό πονοκέφαλο ;

My Reply to ‘seagul’: Όταν έχουμε ένα ήπιο πονοκέφαλο λέμε: ‘I’ve got a mild headache. It’s not that bad.’ Όταν έχουμε ένα επίμονο πονοκέφαλο που δεν υποχωρεί και σχεδόν μας ‘τρελαίνει’ λέμε:

  •   I’ve got a splitting (που μου ‘σχίζει’ το κεφάλι) headache!
  •   I’ve got a terrible (τρομερό) headache!
  •   I’ve got a nagging (επίμονο κ’ ενοχλητικό) headache.

Και με την ευκαιρία αυτή θα σου δώσω και μερικούς ακόμα τύπους ‘πόνων’ !

  • Cramp: I was running and suddenly I got a cramp in the calf of my leg.
  • ColicWhen my son was a baby he suffered with colic.
  • CrickWhen I woke up in the morning I had a crick in my neck and it was painful to move my head.
  • CrampsMany young women have cramps during the first days of their period.
Here Comes the Pain (song)
Here Comes the Pain!
  • BellyacheBellyache is a pain in your lower abdomen.
  • Eye strainIf you read for many hours you may get eye strain.
  • Dead legI fell asleep in the chair and woke up with a dead leg.
  • EaracheMary had earache caused by an ear infection which was very painful.
  • MigraineMigraines give you very bad headaches.
  • Period painssee cramps
  • Tennis elbowSome professional tennis players suffer from tennis elbow which is a dull pain around the elbow area.
  • Pins and needlesHolding a phone for a long period of time can give you pins and needles.
  • SciaticaSciatica is a pain resulting from a trapped nerve which runs from the lower back down the leg.
  • Growing painsMany children going through puberty suffer from growing pains because their bodies grow at such a fast rate.
  • StingA bee sting can be very painful.
  • StitchSometimes when out jogging you can get a sudden sharp pain in your side which is called a stitch.
  • Stomach acheIf you eat very spicy food it can cause stomach ache.
  • Writer’s cramp: When writing my thesis by hand for university I suffered from writer’s cramp in my right hand.
  • ToothacheI had a cavity in my tooth which caused me chronic toothache.
  • Electric shock: If you touch a bare electrical wire you are very likely to get an electric shock.
  • LumbagoLumbago can be very painful causing great pain in your lower back.

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