…look on the bright side… μην απελπίζεσαι…

Question by ‘spyr2000’: ‘Είναι λάθος να λέμε ‘ look at the good side’;

My reply to ‘spyr2000’: Ναι, είναι. Και το κάνουμε πολύ συχνά δηλαδή απλά μεταφράζουμε λέξη προς λέξη.

Το σωστό είναι look on the bright side.

Cover of "Look on the Bright Side"

Cover of Look on the Bright Side


  • Mary has never given up trying for the best. She always looks on the bright side (of things).
  • My mum is very optimistic. She looks on the bright side and never despairs (απελπίζεται).
  • Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find someone else…look on the bright side…be positive!



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