what …… like / like / be like… etc.

what …… like / like / be like etc.

Σημαντική παρατήρηση: Η λέξη like ΔΕΝ είναι πάντα ρήμα.

like / μου αρέσει

  • Children like sweets.
  • What’s your favourite fruit? I like apples. 

like + to-infinitive

  • What do you like to do on Sundays?
  • I like my mum to take me to the park.

like + ing

  • Cats like scratching.
  • I like swimming in the earlu morning. It makes me feel very active.

like /σαν, όπως

  • That big car, like my dad’s, is a saloon car.
  • My sister is not like She is different.
  • Stop acting like a child.
  • He seems like a very intelligent young man.

look like / μοιάζω

  • What does Mary look like? She is pretty. (εμφάνιση)
  • What does your brother look like? He is tall and good-looking. (εμφάνιση)

be like / πως είμαι (γενικά)

  • Alex is like his father. (προσωπικότητα, χαρακτήρας)
  • What is your new teacher like? She is very friendly and pleasant. (προσωπικότητα, χαρακτήρας)






What does she look like?She is very attractive

What is your new boss like?Not bad. I like him.

How does she look?She wears very smart clothes.

What is she like?She is quite friendly.

What was the exam like?Very difficult.

How is it going?Ok, thanks.

How are you doing?Fine, thank you.

How was the journey?Terrible. It rained non-stop.

What’s it like, swimming in winter?Cold but I like it.


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