Good luck with your English tests!

1. ΄Να χρησιμοποιείτε το ρήμα ‘there is/are’.

There is a regular meeting on Tuesday nights. (We meet every Tuesday night)
There was some noise coming from the flat next door. (Somebody made some noise next door.)
There will never be a better time to sit the Proficiency exams. (Take the Proficiency exams now, it’s a good time.)
There have never been so many people out on the streets. (A lot of people are on the streets.)

2. Don’t say ‘discuss about’!

• I and my mum discussed about my new job. WRONG
• I and my mum discussed my new job. CORRECT

3. Make sure you don’t say ‘When + will’’

When I will visit my aunt next week. WRONG
When I visit my aunt next week. CORRECT

4. Remember: ‘near the school’ , not: ‘near to the school’

• I have parked near to the school. WRONG
• I have parked near the school. CORRECT

5. Όταν ο συγγραφέας ενός βιβλίου έχει πεθάνει λέμε:
• ‘Kazantzakis wrote a novel, Zorba the Greek.’

Όταν ζει (χιλιόχρονοι να είναι!) λέμε:
• ‘Vasilikos has written ‘Απολογία του Ζ’ ’.

6. Never say:

• I’d like some informations, please. WRONG
• I wish to give you an advice. WRONG
• The police is here. WRONG
• They asked me what time was it. WRONG
• Smoking effects our health. WRONG


• I’d like some information, please. CORRECT
• I wish to give you some (or a piece of )advice. CORRECT
• The police are here. CORRECT
• They asked me what time it was. CORRECT
• Smoking affects our health. CORRECT

7. news

Don’t say: The news are encouraging. We’re winning.
Say: The news is encouraging. We’re winning.

8. dream

Don’t say: Last night I saw dream.
Say: Last night I had a dream.

9. Don’t forget: go somewhere by taxi, car, train και όχι go somewhere with taxi, car, train.

10. Revise Grammar!!!

Tenses: I have been working for 15 years. όχι I work for 15 years.
Concession: Although I’m tired, I’ll go out for a walk with you.
Inversion: Never have I seen such a bad game before.
Passive: My car was repaired last week.
Passive: I had my car repaired last week.
Passive: Our Prime Minister is said to be going to visit China next month.
Passive: I was given, I was offered, I was told, I was taken etc.
Correlatives: Neither I nor my girlfriend is Italian.
Gerunds: I enjoy swimming early in the morning.
Gerunds: My sister is interested in painting sea birds.
Indirect Speech: Don’t make noises! I was told not to make noises!
Relatives: The man in the red shirt is my mate. The man who is wearing a red shirt is my mate.
Modals: The lady who phoned yesterday must have been from the Hospital.
Unreal Past: I wish I had a brand new bike. I wish I had bought that car.
Subjunctive: He suggested he stay away from his house.
Conditionals: If Mary passes the test, she will be over the moon. Should Mary pass the test, she will be over the moon.

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