Grammar List

∗ Εξετάσεις ESL Δεκεμβρίου 2014 – Τι να προσέξετε!!!∗

Students who are taking the B1, B2, C1, C2 for the first time should be familiar with the following structures.

The Perfect Tenses
‘By’ and the Perfect Tenses
Sequence in Time Clauses
Used to / Would
Relative Clauses
The Idiomatic Past
Conditional Clauses
Conditional Clauses
Conditionals Without If
Passive Voice
Direct / Indirect Speech
Passive Voice
Personal Passive Construction
Clause of Purpose
Perfect Infinitive
Clauses of Concession
The Causative ‘Have’
Subordinate Clauses

They must have a good understanding of the following:

Make / Let / Allow
-ing / -ed
Transitive / Intransitive Uses of Verbs
Concealed Relatives
Must not / Needn’t / Don’t have to
For / Since / Ago
Still / Yet
Noun or Verb

So do I / I do too / Nor can I / Neither can I / I can’t either
So / Such etc.
Adverbs / Adjectives
Students are strongly advised to revise the relevant material under the above headings.

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