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Health / Related Vocabulary

Health addiction   agony   ambulance   backache    bandage   beard benefits  body   brains breath   bruise bruised chest come round  cure  diet  disabled   diseases  elderly   eligible  emergency  express  faint  fever  headache hurt knees lips low … Continue reading

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Sport and Leisure / Related Vocabulary

Sport and Pleasure basket basketball court bat beat billiards camping (go camping) captain cards club coach competition costume crossword cycling helmet defeat dive do-it-yourself draw handlebars hiking hooligan match player in charge rivals side stadium tennis racket tracksuit 

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Vocabulary/Expressions for Character Description – Related Vocabulary

Vocabulary / Expressions: (im)patient (un)ambitious a winning personality mature boring caring charismatic cheerful cheerful close-mouthed cool decisive easy-going extroverted friendly  generous gloomy good-tempered hard-working honest humorous ill-tempered intelligent interesting kind kind- hearted lazy likeable loving mean nosy outgoing polite popular … Continue reading

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Vocabulary for Physical Description

People Vocabulary for Physical Description Age: (with the verb ‘to be’) twenty-one a young sixty-five fifty  years old old elderly middle-aged youngish in her thirties in her  mid-sixties infant toddler new-born Examples: She is fifty, years old. He was an … Continue reading

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Πολλά …ουσιαστικά!

Level: Advanced Compound Nouns air-cooled air—tight airworthy bandstand bed-ridden bill—board bitter-sweet bloodstain(ed) button hole candlestick cardboard child-like cock—sure copy-right counter-attack counterpart counterpoint crash—land cut-throat darkroom ebb-tide far—fetched firewood flash-point flood-tide foolhardy footlights foreground forehead foresight foretell forewarn gear-box greenhouse hailstone … Continue reading

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Descriptive Vocabulary

Highly recommended for Advanced students The following words and phrases may describe: character, personality, figure, appearance, look, air, build, outlook, aspect, size, features, presence, disposition, temperament. a round bald patch   a slight squint bald-headed blue-eyed broad-shouldered clear blue eyes  … Continue reading

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